From our family to yours!

Love, passion, and family are the inspiration behind A&A Cuisine created in Katy, Texas in 2017.

Our story begins with my childhood in Mexico City with my two great grandmothers. These talented ladies loved cooking. They prepared tasty, bountiful meals for their families and friends to enjoy on special occasions and celebrations, but most importantly, on a daily basis. Love was expressed through food. Spending countless hours in the kitchen with these steadfast mentors gave me the opportunity to observe, experiment, taste, and perfect many recipes.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to live in and travel to in many different cities; which provided a unique opportunity to explore and experience local restaurants, cuisines, and markets. Enlightened by the complexity and depth of flavors I tried recipes from diverse, local, and far places. Through this phenomenal journey, I began researching and paying close attention to the ingredients, nutritional information, additives used to preserve food, and prices vs quality.  In the spirit of family and a heightened awareness, I decided to follow my grandmothers’ lead and create my own food options using all-natural ingredients. I wanted to take the ordinary vegetables and spices, that grow in the garden, and create a wholesome, fresh masterpiece.

In 2017, our family decided to put our hands on a new project, and A&A Cuisine was created. This was the perfect and ideal opportunity to share our family recipes and created A&A Cuisine. As mom, woman and owner of A&A Cuisine, I am thrilled, grateful, and blessed to share with you, these tried and true family treasures.

by Adriana G – AA Cuisine Owner