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Chunky Red Salsa


(Salsa Roja)

Definitely, one of our customer’s all-time favorites!

Our Chunky Red Salsa offers a savory, happy, and fresh taste. Served with tortilla chips or crackersit pairs perfectly with an ice-cold beer on a warm summer night. Brings a delightful zing to salads or on top of your main course to liven up your ordinary meals.


Green Creamy Salsa


Green Creamy Salsa (Salsa Verde)

Our Green Creamy Salsa is one of our signature products. A wonderful combination of full flavor providing a perfect mix of garlic, jalapeno pepper, and vegetable oil, which results in a rich and creamy piquant green salsa or salsa verde.


Poblano & Corn Dip

At the moment this product is only available for pickup at Fulshear Farmers Market

(Rajas con Crema y Elote)

A rich, creamy dip made with roasted poblano pepper, corn kernels, sour cream, onions, and garlic. This versatile dip offers a perfect harmony and depth of flavor.