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About A&A Cuisine

In the spirit of family, A&A Cuisine is committed and dedicated to high quality food options that are easy, fresh, and delicious. Our main objective is to provide healthy eatables for busy lives. All our food is fully cooked, ready to heat and serve in vacuum-sealed pouches or recyclable Earth friendly glass jars.  In addition, our products are 100% handcrafted and homemade style.

Our first products 
Salsas & Dips

The salsa is a key ingredient in all cuisines around the world. It can complement a great variety of dishes, playing an important role with tortilla chips and salad dressings.  It also pairs great with fish, poultry, and meat delicacies. The main ingredient of any good salsa is the hot pepper, and we always look for a great balance of taste and not too picante.  So, give our salsa and dip a go, they are worth trying them!

A&A Cuisine Recipies
Poblano & Corn Dip Shrimp Pizza

Easy lunch or dinner for all family  with our signature Poblano & Corn Dip

Fully Cooked
Our Soups & Meals
Lunch, brunch, or dinner, our fully cooked soups and meals are ready for you! The options that A&A Cuisine offers are fully cooked and ready to warm up and have a splendid mealtime with your family and friends. Our main goal is to offer healthy and delicious food that is perfect when there is no time to cook. Check out our recipes for suggestions. Or just be as creative as you want and create one of your own!

From our family to yours!

Love, passion, and family are the inspiration behind A&A Cuisine created in Katy, Texas in 2017.

Three years ago, our family decided to put our hands on a new project and A&A Cuisine was created. This was the perfect and ideal opportunity to share our family recipes.